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I think it would be better to rename AngularJS to Angular. 

Angular is the name for the Angular of today and tomorrow. AngularJS is the name for all v1.x versions of Angular.

We thought a lot on this. Both options are popular. And what about ReactJS? React?

Yep, both versions are popular, but anyway they prefer Angular name.

For React I think, better just React as well. As written on their website.

I have no issue with Angular or React.
Leave Vue.js since vue in French is "seen"  and that means nothing in this environment . "dejà vue"


Hi ,
i am writing one external Angular js and i am using REST connection to connect with IRIS database . i can hit the REST but i wont get response it throws null value even i am return the obj in JSON format even i get null value.

Please post it as a new question with expanded explanation. Code sample would help.