Developer Community March 15th Update - New Subscription Options

With this release we've done a few things with subscriptions

1. Exposed personalization settings so you can control how and when you receive the email subscription notifications. See the image below

2. The ability to selectively subscribe to email notification for content by Tag. At the top of the "Browse by Tag" page there is a new link to Subscribe with Email.

3. Made RSS feeds available for content based on Tag and based on Group. At the top of the "Browse by Tag" and "Browse by Group" pages you will see the RSS link.

4. The ability to subscribe/unsubscribe to individual posts. This is done with the Subscribe/Unsubscribe link that appears on the post listing as well as the post detail page for both Questions and Articles.

What is not yet improved and is in the queue to be done is the emails themselves, which are basic and lack any fancy formatting

To see your personalization settings go to the Subscriptions tab under My Account. Expand Settings and Preferences to see all of your options

Subscription by Tag can be controlled here:

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Where can I find "Settings and Preferences" in Subscriptions tab under My Account?

In the title it says that this release will come out March 15th (tomorrow)

Thanks Ben. Yes, maybe I should make that more clear.

I'm trying to get these published since the updates will be done very early tomorrow (Cambridge MA) time.

The RSS feed for groups (or communities as the link currently says) does not include a title, e.g. for:

Starts with:


So there is no title or description of this feed. Also is there a feed for all content posted to this site, so not filtered by tag/group at all?


This prevents Thunderbird's RSS reader from viewing the feed as valid.  Thunderbird requires a title and description to be a valid RSS feed.