Paul Gomez · Mar 17, 2016 1m read

One article on performance is showing up 3 times on home page

it's so good it's repeating. Not sure why. Investigating.

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I think my brain compensated and told me it saw Parts 1, 2 and 3.

ok, resolved. That post was put in more than one group and the group filtering to remove feedback from home page apparently caused multiple records to be returned. Need to train Drupal to do sub-queries.

Multiple group selection is part of the group vs. tags debate....

So for now you just removed it from all groups but one?

Just curious.

You mean we used to be able to post an article into more than one group? From my recollection of the previous UI it certainly wasn't obvious, but perhaps the list was multiselect. Either way it's now irrelevant since you've replaced that list with radiobuttons.

Yep, you could ctrl+click to select as many as you wanted.

If I'd realized that I wonder if I could've used it to boost my score in the competition that just ended smiley

I think (hope) this was only caused by the filters on the front page.  It shouldn't (I hope) have affected the standings.

Good idea though :)

We're working on reducing the number of groups and the restriction of selecting one will still be in place in the next release. There isn't really a lot of utility in the groups, they are serving the same categorization purpose as the tags, but the tags give us more options for cross-linking within the site and outside of the site. We also haven't leveraged the tags yet for faceted search, which is a powerful way to navigate and explore content. Plus the tags will allow us to eventually do content customization based on the user's profile.

Tag selection in the next release will be more like the JIRA-style select list with autocomplete and multi-selection.