· Jun 14, 2017

Change login

Hi all,

I wonder how to change the login email that I've in Comunity.

According to My acount - Account setting, I can change it using the portal, however there is not any link or option to change it.

Is there other way to change the email? Currently I'm using the work email and I want to change to personal email.

Best regards

P.S. The email that I have associated in Global Master I have already modified it, so if I modify the one in the Community, both accounts will be linked, isn't it?

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Currently, I created an acount using my working email (, then all information, alerts, and everything has been sent using this email.

Then I was invited to participate in Global Master, and all my contributions in Developer Community are counted in GM.
Now, I want to unlink this email and use my personal one. I've modified the GM  and DC email, but the login still as it is, all alerts from GM are sent to the new email.

I think that, as I have modified my GM email, my new contributions will not be considered as points in GM, due it is waiting for the email, I am right?

That is the aim of my question, is it possible to change the email login to link this one to my current GM account.

Best regards and thanks for your attention