Did DC lose a convenient way of reloading the homepage?

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I'm pretty sure that we used to be able to click on the logo at the top of the homepage in order to reload it:


But this no longer has a hyperlink, so I have to use my browser's reload facilities.

Was this change deliberate?

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Hi, John!

Yes, it is done on purpose. We are working on better SEO for DC and this is part of the work. It is called by google as circular link - the link on the page which directs on itself. Google "doesn't like it". 

I got used to clicking on it too. So it is still clickable on other than home page, but doesn't work on home page.

Reload can work? Ctrl+R on Chrome?

Yes, Control+R works, and so does clicking on the browser's reload button.

But it seems I still have a couple of options for clicking on the DC homepage:

At least, until you remove those frown

I'll figure out with developers why we keep this link.

Looks like those two have now been removed as well sad. Perhaps I should have stayed quiet!

Thank you, John! You helped a lot! ) DC would work better (from Google point of view :).

We have browser notifications on the new postings. Would it solve the issue for you?



Interesting. I wonder if you're still using an older copy of DC somehow. The screenshot I posted was from Chrome version 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows.

Does it still work if you clear your browser cache?