What is code.intersystems.com??

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What is CODE, and why have you never heard about it?

InterSystems Code is intended to be a resource for developers learning and using InterSystems' software. If you have a novel approach to a coding problem that could save others time, share it here! If you're learning how to use some piece of our technology and need some guidance, you can ask the community for sample code. While you're at it, feel free to browse and learn from the creative solutions that others have developed.

We appreciate your help in making Caché-based development more accessible.

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This is pretty cool but it looks dead.  Can/will this be somehow integrated here?


Another idea is that you guys could sponser a tag at StackOverflow.  See here for more information

Current tags are objectscript, intersystems-cache, intersystems-ensemble and intersystems.



Code.InterSystems.com was launched but then not advertised because of the Developer Community effort.  It is still supported and will remain open and available until such time as all functionality is available on the Developer Community and all content has been moved to make it accessible here.  Feel free to make use of that site until you see announcements about it being moved.  It works with InterSystems SSO so you can use your existing account.


Any thoughts on utilizing/promoting Stack Overflow instead of duplicating efforts and fragmenting support?

Oh, I see you already mentioned that tag. Never mind


That was a good show case of necessity to delete your own comment.

Stack Overflow synchronization is part of our plan for 2016. We would prefer to have better control over the content than is possible with Stack Overflow thus the push for Developer Community. We know the UI needs improvement and features are missing but there is a commitment to get it done.

I'm very agree, with advertising stackoverflow tags, it is a very good platform for questions. But unfortunately just a few people use it, some more at different google groups , and as I think much more at russian forum sql.ru.  But I see that stackoverflow, much better that any others. Unfortunately here as we already know, it is quite difficult to  recognize a question in new posts. And very bad that this site still does not have any RSS, i can't wait when it happen. And too difficult to catch any new posts via email subscriptions, which is so ugly yet.

You mentioned tag objectscript at stackoverflow, but I don't understand why so many people choose it as relevant to intersystems technologies. It does not, it looks odd, even every last question marked with this tag, depends only with caché. And it looks we should change description for this tag, which will be relevant to Caché. 


The ObjectScript tag wiki doesn't mention anything about Cache or Intersystems.  I actually thought it was an intersystems technology, are you saying it's not?

If you don't have enough rep to propose a change to the tag I would gladly do so if you want to propose any changes.  You definitely have enough rep to propose wiki edits.

Yes, it is so. And yes, I'm already have enough rep for editing. But I'm not sure in stackoverflow rules, is it available for such changes? And I'm not sure in my english, that's maybe main reason, why I have not done it yet.

Give me an idea of what you would like to change and I can either make the change or propose some wording for you.

edit: Or I could use this paragraph from Wikipedia:  

Caché ObjectScript (COS) is a part of the Caché database system sold by InterSystems. The language is a functional superset of the ANSI-standard MUMPS programming language. Since Caché is at its core a MUMPS implementation, it can run ANSI MUMPS routines with no change. To appeal as a commercial product, Caché implements support for object-oriented programming, a macro preprocessing language, embedded SQL for ANSI-standard SQL access to M's built-in database, procedure and control blocks using C-like brace syntax, procedure-scoped variables, and relaxed whitespace syntax limitations.

What do you think?

Okay I submitted a proposal.  It's waiting for peer review.