When I'm searching across the community I find lots of interesting questions sometimes with
excellent answers and suggestions. Quite often It's more than one solution.
Then I'm mostly missing an indication which solution worked or that nothing worked at all or the case was dropped.

I understand a community as partners working together, sharing experience and knowledge.
Many participants seem to have the same understanding and share their results.

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Here in Community I use the WYSIWYG Text format control to answer questions and other quick text entries.

But for longer posts when I want formatting or if I am building incrementally over several days I use the Plain text (supports markdown) control because it's quicker and easier to post an article I have written offline. In this post I share my workflow and a set of tools to publish long read posts.

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When posts are displayed on the DC homepage they only show the first part of each post. This part is known as the teaser, or the trimmed version. The DC software does its best, but without being given any hint by you it can sometimes produce teasers that are of limited value, e.g. "Hi!"

When composing your post, the Preview button lets you see what the teaser will look like. For example, here's the preview of an initial version of this post:

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Hello community!

At the global summit in Phoenix, we (Lite Solutions) will be presenting a tool performing static code analysis on ObjectScript source files. You can see it in action at this URL:


Technically, the tool is a language plugin over SonarQube (http://sonarqube.org) and consists of three main parts:

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I know this has been suggested before but I wanted to bring it up again.

It would be very nice if we could "accept" an answer to our questions which would result in the question showing "answered" in the index and possibly move the "accepted answer" to the top of the answer chain.

see: Stack Overflow or any other QA site

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John Paladino · Dec 7, 2015 1m read
Welcome everyone!

I'm very proud of the Worldwide Response Center - an excellent group of men and women - and I am interested to hear from you about your experience using the WRC.  There are always better ways for us to serve you.   

I'm also very excited about the Developer Community which we're bringing to you to give you an opportunity to connect with groups and individuals in the InterSystems community.  Let us know what you think and how we can improve it in order to serve you better.

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Fabian Haupt · Mar 4, 2016
Breadcrumb trail missing

When looking at a single post there is no easy navigation to the overview of the category containing the post. I.e. having clicked on a single feedback post, there is no link back to the Feedback category overview. 




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Hi, Community!

We want to introduce tag Tips & tricks.

It's  not a snippet sometimes, but some small piece of best practice and useful experience. 

Please vote if you think it makes sense and we need this tag and we'll introduce it as the first level tag in taxonomy.


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Hi, InterSystems Developer Community!

We are working to improve this site to make it comfortable to read, contribute, share and get answers from InterSystems Developer Community!

But while we haven't fixed some UI issues please find in this post some simple answers on how to deal with Developer Community.

How to add post?

Open Communities page, choose desired e.g. Caché and click "Create New Post" button.


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There is no obvious way to provide feedback to the development community. In order to find the topic to find open discussions, I had to search for "feedback".


There should be links in standard places; without doing research these place probably include: menu, front page, footer.

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Evgeny Shvarov · Jun 30, 2016
June 30th DC release

Hi, Community!

I'm pleased to announce the new Developer Community release today. Meet the changes!

New voting system

Now you can vote for the post or comment with like or dislike buttons to change the post/comment rating.

Previous ratings converted to the new rating with the following rule:

4,5 stars = +1

1,2,3 stars=0.

Improved email notifications

You should receive HTML notifications now on new posts and comments on DC.

Please share your feedback with the recent release.

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I noticed a lot of sites these days support use of Gravatar user profile pictures so your profile picture can follow you around from site to site, could we support this here?


Also there appears to be some HTML bug in the user profile edit page, when I click on the 'edit' tab I see options to edit the profile for a fraction of a second before this closes and I am unable to edit anything.

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Most of my comments/contributions are personal, not reflecting the point-of-view of my current client. My WRC account is normally 'connected' with my clients email domain (e.g. csc.com).

I would like to set a personal account for DC so I can receive the digests in my own email box.

More sophisticated, I would like to use more then one email per account where I can specify on which address I want to receive DC digests

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Jon Jensen · Nov 1, 2016
How do I decline an answer?

I posted a question and someone replied with a comment.  
This comment  was marked as an answer, but the comment does not actually answer the question. 

How do I tell the system that the comment is not actually an answer and should not be marked as answered?  

Can the original post author decline an answer?  What is the  answer is incorrect?

Can the community vote on the best answer (like on other popular discussion boards)?  

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Steve Pisani · Jan 14, 2016
Date format

Hi, -  Is it possible for users to select their preferred date format ?  For example, if you click on Connect > Communities you are shown, for each community, something like: 'Latest Post: 01/14/2016 -'

I'd prefer the date in dd/mm/yyyy format (rather than mm/dd/yyyy).



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Every time I try to post a link I forget to change the dropdown and get the error "Path not found".  Honestly I'm not even sure when an "internal path" would ever be used.  Can we please remove that option or default it to URL instead?

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Hi everyone!

I’m the new InterSystems Community Manager and responsible for everything within  the InterSystems Developer Community itself including Community Events, Content and Projects etc.

Please feel free to point all the criticism to me along with suggestions of course!

Our team is working now on fixing some evident and annoying UI problems to make this place comfortable for all the InterSystems customers and new developers to discuss InterSystems related problems, questions, techology and projects. 

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I think it will be very useful to add the following information about community members:

-Full Name (that is the only thing we see today)



-[Optional] Areas of interests/expertise 

This information should help the community members evaluate the credibility of posts and responses.




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