Jon Jensen · Nov 7, 2016

Recently Read is incorrect

I clicked on my name to view my profile.  It shows a list of recently read posts.  This list is incorrect.   It seems to be listing all the posts on the homepage as post I have read.  I have not read the majority of these posts. 

Perhaps the recently read logic is broken?  I assume recently read would require me to actually view the posting to consider it read?

Can you correct (or remove) this information in the profiles




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Looking at my own profile, I also see this list showing some posts that I have not read. It isn't always the same as the list of posts on the homepage, either. I tried viewing different pages and then reloading my profile, and it seems that after viewing a page with a list of posts (e.g. one of the pages under "Browse by Tag" in the sidebar), posts from that page often show up in my Recently Read list, whether or not I click on them - but not every post, nor every time I reload a page of that sort.

I don't know if you were concerned about your profile showing inaccurate information to other users, or just pointing out that this feature doesn't seem to be behaving as expected - if it's the former, though, it does not appear that any list of recently read posts is shown when viewing a user profile other than your own.

Thanks for pointing this out. It is filed and will be fixed.

Hi, Jon!

It never worked well and would be fixed or wiped out if we do not need this. Or do we need this "Recently viewed" feed?

This info is not visible to others, I see no need for it and would remove it.

Unless someone can present a valid reason why a member needs a list recently viewed posts for personal use?


It's very useful.  

"I read a post earlier that mentioned x but I can't remember the title"

"I'll look through my recently viewed posts!"

"There it is!"

We do need it.  Please fix.