Scott Beeson · Nov 18, 2016

This text editor... I swear...

I had typed up a large reply and then learned something new so I intended to hit CTRL+A to select everything and delete it.  Can't do that.  Apparently CTRL+A, like backspace, causes the input field to lose focus.


I HATE this editor.

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I see at least one way to change it, you can use markdown editor.

agreed, this editor is one of the worst out there

Yes. It's not the optimal tool. Any ideas what editor would be the better option?

Who makes this software?  Ask the vendor/creator of this product if there is another editor option.  Maybe they have a support forum where others customers have the same issue?

CKEditor was the best back in my PHPNuke days.  However, after a glance at the code, that's what this is...

I think some of these issues may be an implementation problem.  Sorry.

edit: The whole "backspace loses focus" thing isn't a problem in the demo page at least:

What is "Markdown Editor?"