Suggestion: different icon for question with an accepted answer

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How about displaying a different icon alongside a question for which there is an accepted answer? Perhaps add a green checkmark adornment to the existing icon?

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I wonder who would decide what is an "accepted answer?"  The original poster?  Sometimes I get an answer to my post but it may be wrong, or incomplete, or a partial answer.

Mike, the facility already exists for the original poster to accept an answer by clicking the checkmark alongside the answer. My suggestion here is that doing this should also make the question's icon appear different.

John, not to beat a dead horse, you say the facility already exists? Are you referring to the Vote Up/ Vote Down?

I thought that was for if one liked the post or not. I never associated it with whether one accepted the answer or not.

Sorry, but I see a difference here.

I have several posts that I like the answer, but do not accept it and the difinited answer.

But, maybe it does not matter.

Hi, Mike!

There is a small checkbox to the left of every answer to peek it as an accepted. Please see this post for more details.

Hi, John!

Very fair point and we planned it.

Actually it is already in test. Would be delivered very soon.

Today's DC update means that questions with an accepted answer have the background of their answer count box shown differently. In the screenshot below, the first question has received 3 answers but the OP hasn't marked any of them as accepted. The second has now answers, and the third has two, one of which has been accepted by the OP:

That's good, but when I click into the third question I am no longer shown which of the answers the OP accepted:


Prior to the DC update I would have seen a green checkmark alongside the accepted one.

Is this change deliberate, or an unintended side-effect of you no longer showing the checkmarks when they're not clickable (which means they're hidden from everyone except the OP)?


It seems we lost something with new colors ) Thanks John, we'll fix it ASAP.