· Mar 4, 2016 1m read

Add sorting of posts by Updated

Please add possibility to sort posts by last comment date.

Consider, for example this post

It is of February, 15th and has fresh (6 hours ago) comments, still this post is not shown in newest.

For example, there might be the button "Sort by updated". It is very useful to track all updates on forum.

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While it's something in the right direction, that statistic seems to be updated on delay. My first comment from yesterday only appeared today and my today's comments are yet to be included. That '1 day' delay is a bit of a problem when you want know 'what's happening now'.

Also, it doesn't show any context for the data. What was  the comment? What post did it comment on? How many replies does it have? Etc.

As a user this is not useful at all, sorry.


All I care about is seeing active, relevant content and other people seeing mine.

If I reply to a post from 3 weeks ago, unless someone is subscribed to that post or specifically searches for it nobody will ever see my reply.  This is a problem.


Edit: If the main goal here is a question & answer site and not a forum, then ignore everything I just said.  But so far, this is definitely giving more of a forum/discussion vibe.  Personally, I think they should be separate.  Paul mentioned having "Questions" and "Articles".  How about a third type; "discussion"?  Each type/category should and could have its own default sort behavior.

The "Newest" button is supposed to be doing MAX(PostDate, LastCommentDate) DESC but doesn't appear to work properly on that message for some reason, but does for others. We will investigate. The UI for post listings will be modified in this upcoming release (next day or two) and it will look and act more like StackOverflow with Articles vs. Questions a new filter just to show unanswered questions.

"MAX(PostDate, LastCommentDate) DESC"


I think this might be the problem, or the source of my confusion/misunderstanding in the other topic.  I did a quick example in Excel.  As you can see, the post with the most recent comment is still at the bottom.  I think the expectation of most users is that the posts with the most recent activity would be at the top of the list.

Feel free to correct me if I'm missing something.