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Automatic crossposting from Developer Community to Google Group by user intersystems.dc

Before this Developer Community existed a Google Group named intersystems-public-cache was an active forum for people working with Caché and related products.

Over the past year the number of posts and replies on that group has dwindled. However, since the middle of February the Google Group (GG) has been receiving posts by a user named intersystems.dc that appear to be automatically generated from posts made on DC. Perhaps someone is using the RSS feed from DC to achieve this. These posts comprise almost all the new activity on the GG nowadays.

Only the initial DC post appears on the GG, but without embedded images. Responses on DC do not propagate there. Nor do responses on the GG make their way back to DC. The GG posts do not acknowledge the original DC posts as their source (e.g. by linking back to DC) .

I am posting this article on DC primarily as a way of drawing this situation to the attention of current readers of the Google Group. Some of those readers have been responding to intersystems.dc posts as though they assume the original author of the post will see the response. However unless that DC author also reads the GG the effort of those responding there may be wasted.

I previously tried posting a message about this direct to the Google Group, but the owner of that group (who AFAIK has no affiliation to InterSystems) recently started moderating my posts, since which time none of them have appeared. I have received no response to my attempts to contact the group owner. Hence this post on DC, which I hope will auto-crosspost to the GG and thus be visible there.

I have intentionally not posted this to the Developer Community Feedback group on DC because that group seems to be excluded from the feed to the GG.

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I think you meant to write that you changed the group and tag from Caché to Developer Community. I assume you did this because my original posting on the Caché group and tag was not sufficient to make it crosspost to the Google Group. I guess there is some human involvement in the crossposting, and this filtered my posting out.

Fabian, thank you for posting my original onto the group [Update: 3-Apr-2017 I can no longer find Fabian's post there sad]