Jon Jensen · Oct 31, 2016

Better Tag Cloud needed

The current tag cloud is very hard to use.

It should be sorted alphabetically, not by popularity.  Displaying the cloud alphabetically allows the font sizes to  intermingle and create a more readable tag cloud.

Also center justify the cloud to ensure consistent spacing between letters and words (full justification creates unusual spacing)


0 0 7 186
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Yes the more popular a tag,  the bigger the font for the tag. 

The problem is this tag cloud is sorted by popularity, so all the big words are at the beginning.  

The tag cloud should be sorted alphabetically A->Z.  This will allow users to find the tags more quickly.


No, in this case it will be just a list of tags, not a tag cloud. The same idea should be for block Browse by member. But looks like after some latest update it was broken, and sort people in some strange way, or even not show some useful persons.

So the DC does not have a proper cloud tag?  (just a tag list by popularity)

How popular is the Tag list?  Do you have a stats on  it?

Should DC have a functional tag cloud?

You are right, Jon. The current tag cloud implementation is not the example of the best practices. Created the task on it.

Ok, that makes sense. Put it in a backlog.