Thomas Carroll · Jan 24, 2016

Unable To Change Name


I'm currently unable to change my First Name from my account page.

Although my name is Thomas, I go by Joe.

Is there a reason I'm not able to edit my displayed name?

How can I change this?


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FWIW I see your post already signed as posted by "Thomas Carroll". It looks like it works (whatever you've done so far :)).



Does it say Joe Carroll? 

My problem is I can't change it to Joe.

No, it says Thomas Carroll

I think he wants it to say Joe.

Missing feature apparently. Putting it on the backlog. In the mean time we'll change it for you.

I don't know if this message is new, but under the disabled name fields there is a line that says "Your first and last names will be displayed to other users in posts, code packages, or comments you make. These values are set via the portal."

For starters, the http version of that site does not work.  However, if you go to you will get the portal but there is no spot I could find to change your name.  In TRC and CCR apps I can change my "Display Name" but it does not seem to affect other apps including this site.

So it looks like Paul changed it for me in this application and has noted the missing feature.

But it doesn't seem like there is a way for me to change my name from either. I have the ability to change my password but not my name.

There are individual applications, including the WRC/TRC but also our internal applications, in which I can edit my displayed name. However, none of these applications change the underlying "FirstName, LastName" that I assume is defined somewhere in our Single Sign On implementation. 

Furthermore, I simply want to change my display name in this application and not necessarily in every application.



I'm working on changing how SSO handles nicknames/display names. Then the developer community can pick up this informaiton and use the same display name as the rest of our internal apps

This is still a problem, has there been any movement on this?