Evgeny Shvarov · Jan 5, 2017 1m read

Notifications for the posts' updates and how to turn off it


Today DC supports the notifications for the posts' updates. It means if someone changes the post text, title, group or tag you can be notified about that.

But this notifications just inform that there were updates, but do not show what exactly was changed in the post.

So through this, you can get the notifications for the posts from previous years without any reason what's happened.

I would suggest to turn off this types of notifications until we'll implement the details in notifications, what exactly was changed in the post and why did you get it. 

To turn off the update notifications go to your subscriptions settings and turn off the updates triggers in the Content Types tab.

Like it is shown in this screenshot:

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My page looks different:

As well as not having the extra checkboxes your screenshot shows, mine are all unchecked but I still get the notifications.

Hi, John!

That's strange.

Try to check on Overview/Preferences section as I posted in Pete's comment?

It turns out that it is yet another setting! (Oh, Drupal...).

So, there is Subscription->Overview->Settings->Visibility of Controls section which controls the visibility of Update and Comment settings in "Content types" tab. Don't ask me whoever needs this setting, so if you make it Visible you can find this settings in "Content types" for Posts and Answers.

We plan to turn on this Visibility of Controls thing for all the members with the next DC release.

Aha! I have changed those two settings and I now see the extra columns of checkboxes.

I have the same as John. This is what my 'Overview' tab looks like in the 'Settings' section. These are the only things I have checked off.

Hi Pete!

For you I would suggest please turn off the Digest mode! It sends broken messages now.

And for the question about updates - I have another user on DC it has this "On Updates" settings on Overview-> Preferences section:

Thanks Evgeny. I unchecked the digest mode, and checked 'On comments'. For what it's worth, I had neither 'On updates' nor 'On comments' checked before, yet I would get e-mails with both (I do want them for comments). Maybe the problem was having digest mode.

Still glad you went with Drupal and not custom? :)

Was never glad about Drupal ) All in all the content is a key, not a platform.

The delivery method is as important as the cargo.  You wouldn't haul precious Faberge eggs across the country in the back of an old pickup truck.

You are right. Maybe we cannot cook Drupal properly yet. But the site is getting (slowly) better.

Agreed. It has come a long way.  Keep up the good work.

So I have unsubscribed from everything and am getting emails for threads I never even viewed.  Also, When I go to subscriptions it says I have subscribed to two categories, however, when I click the link the categories tags box is empty.


Seems like the only way to complete stop the emails is to turn off all notifications.

Also, turning off Digest Mode as suggested, doesn't really improve the format of the notifications much.


I actually prefer the Digest format: