Suppose you have routine ^A loaded in your partition in programmer mode and you call routine ^B. Routine ^B finds the value of $ZU(96,9) which should be the calling routine.

But $ZU(96,9) now returns null, as does $SYSTEM.Process.CallingRoutine()

Works on 2018.1.7 but not 2018.1.8

$ROLES= %All on both systems

More precisely I have line label ZZPP in ^%ZLANGC00 which needs to identify the original routine in the partition and do some work on it. When I type ZZPP I get nothing on the later version. Here's the line of code:

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I have a question about how to modify a XData Block programmatically . Assume i have a impl.cls and there is a XData Block (like XData OpenAPI [ MimeType = application/json ]) in the impl.cls. In other class, can i write a fucntion to modify the context in the XData Block?

Ps: The document already show how to read the XData blcok, if i want to insert something into the block and save it back, how can i do this programmatically (eg write a method and read the block from other class, write something into the block and save it ) ??


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· Jul 12
Enabling telnet

Can %Service_telnet be enabled programmatically? I have the need to enable this feature so that I can automate a script I have for Cache, but unless the telnet service is on, the session cant connect.

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I found the thread that discusses object mapping, in particular mapping a common global among more than one namespace. The example that is given is a simple one when it's ^global(sub1, ^global(sub2, etc. However I'm having trouble getting this to compile/work when the global has a fixed subscript amongst variable ones.

I have this global in namespaces LAB and ARK in the following format:




Here is what I have for this. In it's current state it throws tons of errors:

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Hello, I am trying to write a script that will output a .log file. When I get PowerShell to parse the file with Get-Content, I find that there are extra spaces in the parsing. How can I edit my Intersystems script to output a logfile encoded differently? I think its outputting in unicode by default.

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· Jul 8 2m read
Character-Slice Index

A recent question from @Vivian Lee reminded me of a rather ancient example.
It was the time when DeepSee's first version was released.
We got Bitmap Index.
And we got BitSlice Index: mapping a numeric value by its binary parts.
So my idea: Why not indexing strings by their characters?
The result of this idea was presented first in June 2008.
IKnow wasn't publicly available at that time.

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I am playing around with trying to make an Epic REST API call from an operation, and from what I understood because the request has to be sent as POST, I need to send the request as JSON. However when I try taking the request and running %ToJSON against it for the payload to be created I am getting an error...

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Hi Developers, I'm currently doing a demo about building a front end UI doing data analytics and setup a performance test with large data objects, therefore using "Populate Utility" could help me auto generate some sample data that I can play with.

Within this post I would like to share my experience of using Populate Utility, including using POPSPEC Parameter.

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· Jul 6
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Hi Community,

I'm pleased to announce DEVBOX, the code anywhere IDE for IRIS.

Please watch the video and let me know what you think. Would you use it?

All the best,

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InterSystems FAQ rubric

The InterSystems ObjectScript language does not allow you to define methods of the same name with different arguments. It is generally classified as a programming language called a dynamic language.

In ObjectScript, you can freely control which arguments are used when executing a method, so unlike languages ​​such as Java, which are not dynamic programming languages, there is no need to strictly distinguish methods by the number of arguments at the compilation stage.

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As an AI language model, ChatGPT is capable of performing a variety of tasks like language translation, writing songs, answering research questions, and even generating computer code. With its impressive abilities, ChatGPT has quickly become a popular tool for various applications, from chatbots to content creation.
But despite its advanced capabilities, ChatGPT is not able to access your personal data. So in this article, I will demonstrate below steps to build custom ChatGPT AI by using LangChain Framework:

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Has anyone tried loading Cache 2017 on Windows 11?

I'm working with my corporate IT department to get a version published that will work on Windows 11 desktops but I have to prove that it can be loaded before they will give me the rights to install it.

It looks like Cache 2018 is supported but we're still supporting a bunch of 2017 installations until we can begin the move to IRIS.

Meanwhile the new laptops are all being issued with Windows 11 and the installers are all blocked by corporate.

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I'm having trouble adjusting the protocol used for any CSP Requests. Currently all request to the system are sent over HTTP 1.1

When loading 40+ images on a page, the browser starts stalling request. According to google HTTP 1.1 only allows 6 parallel TCP Connections before suspending the remaining.

I have looked through the Web Gateway Settings, %Net.HttpRequest.HTTPVersion and SSL Configuration but haven't found anything.

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Hi I am trying to run a debugger in VS Code. I have the settings.json file and the launch.json file. I am trying to debug code using the attach to a process method, however when I run the debugger I get the following error.

Launch.json code


// Use IntelliSense to learn about possible attributes.

// Hover to view descriptions of existing attributes.

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InterSystems FAQ rubric

For volatile tables (tables with many INSERTs and DELETEs), storage for bitmap indexes can become inefficient over time.

For example, suppose that there are thousands of data with the following definition, and the operation of bulk deletion with TRUNCATE TABLE after being retained for a certain period of time is repeatedly performed.

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We are retiring a hosted application for an electronic health care records (EHR) system which stored the data on Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2017.2.2 (Build 867_4_20245) Thu Oct 8 2020 16:58:40 EDT. The hosting company is providing me with a single CBK file. I need to install a database system to restore the database and provide occasional SQL access for reports when necessary. I'll need to maintain access to the data for an approximately 10 year retention period. Not sure how to approach restoring this old of a database and eventually upgrading it to a newer re

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· Jun 23

Hi Community,

I need to convert date 1997-08-09 10:38:39.700000000 into this format 1997-08-09T10:38:39Z

I have tried using all date function $ZDH,$ZDT no luck can anyone help me to convert this into required format.



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InterSystems FAQ rubric

Countermeasures against SQL injection have been published on various websites, but we believe that it is possible to prevent SQL injection in applications using InterSystems SQL as well as other RDBMS by implementing these countermeasures appropriately. In addition, InterSystems Data Platform (hereinafter referred to as IRIS) incorporates several measures that make SQL injection more difficult than general RDBMS.

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When connectiong to IRIS from UBUNTU LTS 18.04, I got this error message:

ErrorException: odbc_connect(): SQL error: [unixODBC][Iris ODBC][State : S1000][Native Code 417]


Access Denied, SQL state S1000 in SQLConnect

I'm using "ODBC-2022." downloaded from


and folowing guide from

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Sorry, somewhat of novice here, but how is a mac or a routine created into a binary or is there a way to hide your routines so that no other user can edit them? Like remove source code and have an executable?

I would like to do this MAC and CSP pages

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