· Dec 12, 2022

InterSystems Developer Ecosystem Fall News 2022

Hello and welcome to the Developer Ecosystem Fall News!

This fall we've had so much fun and activities online and offline in the InterSystems Developer Ecosystem. 

In case you missed something, we've prepared for you a selection of the hottest news and topics to catch up on!



🫂 InterSystems Developer Ecosystem Team

📊 Online Analytics Dashboard for Community Members

🎃 Halloween season on Global Masters

🔗 Developer Connections on GM

💡 InterSystems Ideas News

🔥 Back to school on FHIR with DC FR

🎉 InterSystems a Leader in Latest Forrester Wave Report: Translytical Data Platforms Q4 2022

📝 Updated Learning Path "Getting Started with InterSystems ObjectScript"

✅ InterSystems IRIS System Administration Specialist Certification Exam is now LIVE

📦 ZPM is now InterSystems Package Manager (IPM)

Contests & Events

InterSystems Idea-A-Thon

📄 [DC Contest] 1st Tech Article Contest on Chinese Developer Community

⏯ [Webinar] What’s New in InterSystems IRIS 2022.2

⏯ [Webinar] Building and Enabling Healthcare Applications with HL7 FHIR

⏯ [Webinar] Deployments in Kubernetes with High Availability

👥 [Conference] InterSystems Iberia Summit 2022

👥 [Conference] InterSystems UK & Ireland Summit 2022

👥 [Conference] InterSystems at Big Data Minds DACH 2022 in Berlin

👥 [Conference] InterSystems Partnertage DACH 2022

👥 [Conference] InterSystems at data2day

👥 [Conference] InterSystems at Global DevSlam in Dubai

👾 [Hackathon] InterSystems at HackMIT

👾 [Hackathon] InterSystems at CalHacks hackathon

👾 [Hackathon] InterSystems at TechCrunch Disrupt

👾 [Hackathon] InterSystems at the European Healthcare Hackathon in Prague

☕️ [Meetup] InterSystems Developer Meetup in San Francisco

☕️ [Meetup] The 1st Spanish Developer Community Meetup in Valencia

☕️ [Meetup] InterSystems <> Mirantis Developer Meetup on Kubernetes in Boston

👋 InterSystems FHIR Healthtech Incubator Caelestinus Final Demo Day

Latest Releases

⬇️ Developer Community Release, September 2022

⬇️ Open Exchange - ObjectScript Quality status

⬇️ New Multi-Channel View on Global Masters

⬇️ InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, HealthShare Health Connect, & InterSystems IRIS Studio 2022.2

⬇️ InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2022.1.1

⬇️ InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2022.3 developer previews
⬇️ InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2022.2 developer previews
⬇️ InterSystems Package Manager

⬇️ InterSystems extension for Docker Desktop

⬇️ VS Code Server Manager 3.2.1

⬇️ SAM (System Alerting & Monitoring) 2.0

⬇️ InterSystems Container Registry web user interface

Best Practices & Key Questions

❓ Key Questions of Autumn 2022: September, OctoberNovember

People and Companies to Know About 

👋 Muhammad Waseem - New Developer Community Moderator

👋 Tete Zhang - New Developer Community Moderator

👋 New Partner - PainChek® Ltd

🌟 Global Masters of Autumn 2022: September, October, November

Job Opportunities

💼 InterSystems HealthShare Architect (Remote Opportunity)

💼 InterSystems HealthShare Practice Lead (Remote Opportunity)

💼 REMOTE InterSystems Object Developer with Docker Experience

💼 Integration Developer OR Business Analyst with IRIS/Ensemble

💼 Looking for InterSystems Developer


Here is our take on the most interesting and important things! 

What were your highlights from this past season? Share them in the comments section and let's remember the fun we've had!

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