· Sep 19, 2022

Online Meetup with Interoperability Contest Winners 2022

Hi Community,

Let's meet together at the online meetup with the winners of the InterSystems Interoperability Contest – a great opportunity to have a discussion with the InterSystems Experts team as well as our contestants.

Winners' demo included!

Date & Time: Thursday, September 22, 09:00 AM EDT 

>> Register here <<

Join us to learn more about winners' applications and to have a talk with our experts.


See you at our virtual meetup! 

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Hello everybody I'm Lucas, my project took the first place and I'm glad you liked it.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the meeting so here's a quick video about me and the project ( 8 minutes of video done in a hurry in a hour so forgive me for the quality and the voice ) :

Don't forget to activate subtitles !! ( The French accent hit pretty hard on that one )