· Dec 14, 2022

Meet the Global Masters Winners for November 2022!

It's time to announce the Winners for November 2022! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in November 2022:

🥇 @David Hockenbroch senior analyst, WoodWare SystemsUnited States

🥈 @Robert Cemperex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems, Austria

🥉 @Dmitriy Maslennikov, Co-founder, CTO and Developer Advocate, CaretDev Corp, UAE


 Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.  

About @David Hockenbroch 

  • 📝 2 articles and 6 comments on DC
  • 🎓 3 accepted answers 
  • 🏅Gold Master of Answers Badge for 50 accepted answers on DC

Congratulations, David!  🌟

"I'm a senior analyst at WoodWare Systems, which provides ERP solutions for the millwork industry. I've been in this position since August 2020. In my free time, I cook and overindulge in great barbecue!"

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About @Robert Cemper  

Congratulations, Robert!  🌟

Robert C. Cemper is an ex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems in Darmstadt. He has been 45 years in this profession and worked for more than 12 years directly for InterSystems. Personal mission statement: "For an engineer ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ doesn’t exist"

Read the complete and inspiring Robert's bio in this post.

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About @Dmitriy Maslennikov

  • 📝 3 articles and 30 comments on DC
  • 🎓 4 accepted answers  
  • 🏅 Blogger Badge for 10 articles on DC  

Congratulations, Dmitriy! 🌟

"For the last 15 years, changed several companies, working in different sectors, with different sizes of projects, and even in different countries. But always stayed with InterSystems. Participant of several latest InterSystems Global Summits in a row and some other events in Europe, as well as a speaker sometime. Author of VSCode extension for ObjectScript, and few other open-source projects.

And now Co-founder and CTO at CaretDev Corporation, where now I am able to use my knowledge and experience to help companies working with InterSystems technologies to become more powerful and productive."

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Thanks to all the winners for your constant great contribution to InterSystems Developer Community! 

Let's congratulate our Heroes in the comments below!

About Global Master of the Month competition on Global Masters Advocate Hub: we nominate advocates every month who have gone the extra mile by being highly engaged in the Global Masters and Developer Community. Winners get 1000 points and a special badge. We also offer for winners to publish their bio – now in the article on the Developer Community! 

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