· Sep 5, 2022

1st Tech Article Contest on Chinese Developer Community

Hi Developers!

With the clear and crisp autumn climate, we are pleased to announce the launch of the
🏆 1st Tech Article Contest on Chinese Developer Community🏆.

From September 5 to October 24, 2022 (Beijing Time), we welcome you to contribute articles related to InterSystems technology.

🎁 Prizes for Everyone: A special prize pack for each author who takes part in the contest.

🏆 Main Prizes: Apple iPad; Beats Fit Pro; HUAWEI WATCH; Logitech ERGO keyboard; WD SSD; KEEP Smart Bracelet


1. Expert Awards – After publishing articles and successfully participating in the event, the Expert Awards articles will be judged by InterSystems experts:

🥇1st place for 1 Member: Apple iPad

🥈 2nd place for 2 Members: Beats Fit Pro-Beats

🥉 3rd place for 3 Members: WD SSD

2. Developer Community Award –After publishing articles and successfully participating in the event, the Developer Community Award articles will be chosen by DC members, this award will be given to the top 5 articles with the most Likes:


🥈Top2: Logitech ERGO Keyboard

🥉Top3-5: KEEP Smart Bracelet

3. 🎁 Entry Award: During the contest period, all the remaining members who have published articles and successfully participated in the contest will receive a special reward.


Each author can only be awarded once (i.e., you can only win Expert Awards/ Developer Community Award/ Entry Award once).

In the event of a tie, the number of votes of the experts for the tied articles will be considered as a tie-breaking criterion.

Who can participate?

Any Developer Community member, except for InterSystems employees. Create an account!

Contest period

📝 September 5-October 23, 2022 (Beijing Time): Publication of articles and voting time (Collect As Many Likes As You Can)! Post articles on the community and call your tech peers for more Likes. The earlier you post, the more time you have to collect likes - this is the key to your opportunity to earn the Developer Community Award.

🎉 October 24  (Beijing Time): Winners announcement.

What are the requirements? 

❗️ Any article written on DC (Chinese) during the contest period and satisfying the requirements below will automatically enter the competition:

  • The article must be related to InterSystems technology.
  • The article must be in Chinese.
  • The article must be 100% new (it can be a continuation of an existing article).
  • Articles should be first published in the InterSystems Developer Community (Chinese), and are not allowed to be transferred from other tech communities.
  • Plagiarism or translation of existing articles in the community is forbidden.
  • We encourage DC members to post more articles to participate in the contest.
  • Your article should be no less than 800 Chinese Characters. Keep an eye on the counter in the lower right corner of the editor as you write.


You are free to choose any topic related to InterSystems technology, but additional bonus votes will be awarded if your submission meets the following requirements.

Requirements Bonus Details
Images Reward 1 If you add color to your article with rich pictures/screenshots, you can get an extra bonus of 1 point.
Code Reward 2 Add code to an article to enhance the article, you will get 2 bonus points.
Translation Reward 2 Add translation to your article in other InterSystems Developer Communities, you will get 2 bonus votes.
Productivity Reward 2 During the article contest, each article that meets the qualification will be awarded 2 extra points from the second article you publish.



➡️  Sample Articles-Series of articles on one topic

➡️  Sample Articles-Independent Topic Articles

➡️  How-to: First time to join the community, how to post?

➡️  How-to: Learn more about developer community skills


We're waiting for your great articles!

Good luck and let the power of Pulitzer be with you! ✨

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