Olga Zavrazhnova · Oct 27, 2022

Halloween season on Global Masters

Hi Everyone! 
Join us on Global Masters for a fun and spooky celebration of the Halloween season. 
Complete all challenges in "It's a Halloween season 🎃" channel to enter a raffle for our new prizes 🎁 - a plush blanket and a laptop desk. 

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Hi Community, thanks for participating in our fun Halloween challenges!
Hope you had fun and enjoyed reading spooky IT stories of each other (if you did not yet - check out this discussion

Now it is time to announce our Raffle winners! 

The plush blanket goes to ... @Mindy Caldwell 
The laptop desk goes to... @Guilherme Mendes 

Congratulations! We will contact you in DM.

Raffle recordings: laptop desk; plush blanket

Thanks to all - and see you on Global Masters!