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Olga Zavrazhnova · Sep 20
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First Community Roundtable: VSCode vs Studio

Hi Community, 

Let's meet virtually at our first Community Roundtable! This will be a 45-min friendly discussion on a given topic: VSCode vs Studio. 
Imagine that we just gathered together to share our thoughts, experiences, tips, and tricks. If you want to discuss specific questions within a given topic - please share them in the comments.

📅 Date: September 29
🕑 Time: 9:00 am ET   |   3:00 pm CEST

Register through this Global Masters challenge. We will send you a calendar invite by email.

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Not sure if I can make the date.
Anyhow using Studio since its first days in Caché 5.0 for 20+ years almost daily
and still firmly tied to Windows I just have no need for change.
And I use my experience with all tricks and shorthands burned deep in my mind.
It's just Dino's behavior as a veteran that started with X ^% in terminal

For those who will participate: please prepare your tips&tricks for:

1. Development

2. Debugging

3. Working with version control

4. Hidden gems

5. Final arguments!

There will be an option to demo your skills and approaches!

Unfortunetely I can't make this. Is it being recorded as I'd be really interested in watching it. 

Tried to register but got an "Ooops.. no longer available.." ...??

Hi Rosti, please expect a calendar invitation to the Roundtable within 1 hour via email.

For Global Masters challenge - please complete this onboarding challenge to start the program
after it is done you'll see the challenges will be open and some nice points and badges will be awarded to you for published posts and comments on DC! :)