· Oct 14, 2022

The 1st Developer Community Meetup in Valencia, Spain!

Hi Community,

We're super excited to announce the 1st meetup of the Developer Community in Valencia, Spain! 🎉

It will take place on November 16 in the afternoon, from 12 to 14 PM, at the Westin Valencia hotel – the same place and day as the InterSystems Iberia Summit, which will be held there during days 16 and 17. 

Announcing ArangoDB Online Meetup and the Upcoming Webinar

The Developer Meetup is the perfect event to meet other members of the Community in person, share experiences, solve doubts, learn tips & tricks, tools, and resources... and talk face-to-face with InterSystems experts!

The Meetup is open and informal. So, it is open to suggestions and to any member of the Developer Community in Spanish. And it is free, of course. All the Meetup attendees will have a present, as a keepsake from the day. And at the end of the Meetup, we will do a Kahoot quiz, with great prizes for the winners. Ah, we'll also have some pizza and drinks, the developers' food 😉

The goal of the Meetup is to make the most of the networking, but you can also participate in the event by doing a presentation.

➡️ Do you want to present your work at the Meetup?

💻 email and indicate your name, company, and the topic you want to talk about

The presentation should last 15-20 minutes and must be related to InterSystems technology: a case study, a developing experience, etc. 

We are looking for both Spanish- and English-speaking presenters.

If you like to share your knowledge and experience, don't hesitate and take part in the Meetup!

Not only you will become a Tech Influencer 🎓 but you will also win some points on Global Masters! 🎁

Hope to see some of you on the stage!

P.S.: We'll give more details about the Meetup during the coming days. Stay tuned! 👀

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