InterSystems Official
· Nov 9, 2022

Announcing SAM (System Alerting & Monitoring) 2.0

InterSystems is pleased to announce the release of System Alerting & Monitoring (SAM) version 2.0.

What is SAM?

SAM marries IRIS’s standards-based Monitoring API and Log Monitor with familiar industry standard tools like Grafana and Prometheus to create a basic monitoring and alerting solution for IRIS clusters.

For more on SAM, see the System Alerting and Monitoring Guide.


What’s new in SAM 2.0?

The industry standard tools that SAM relies on have all been upgraded. 

Configuration Export & Import – You can now export your SAM configuration and re-import it into another SAM instance.  This makes moving from one environment to another easier.

Multiple Grafana Dashboards – You can now create multiple dashboards in Grafana and choose the one you want shown by default for each IRIS instance.

HTTPS & URL Prefixes – SAM can now use HTTPS to gather observability data from your IRIS instances.  Additionally, you have the option of specifying a “URL path prefix” that enables SAM to monitor multiple IRIS instances running on the same host.

See the documentation for more information on SAM 2.0.

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