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Raj Singh · Nov 8, 2022

ZPM is now InterSystems Package Manager (IPM)

I'm pleased to announce a milestone in the lifecycle of the ObjectScript package manager, ZPM. The package manager has offered developers the ability to neatly package up ObjectScript code and deployment configuration settings and version information in a convenient way. Over the last few years, it has evolved greatly into an integral part of many development workflows.

It has proven so important that InterSystems has decided to use it for packaging our own components, and that has led us to a decision to move the GitHub repository from the community into our corporate one, and rename it InterSystems Package Manager (IPM). IPM will still be open source. Community members will be able to review the code and submit pull requests. But this change gives us the ability to ensure the security of the software in a way we could not with non-employees being able to make changes to the code base directly. And a heightened level of security and trust is key with software that can install code alongside your data. 

So please celebrate the life of ZPM with me, welcome the birth of IPM, and give thanks to the contributors -- especially Nikolay Soloviev and @Dmitry Maslennikov, who has once again shown amazing insight into developer needs, coupled with the skills and dedication to build great software!


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This is super exciting and I look forward to seeing what's next!

Great work - long time coming and well worth it!!!

Will this change the commands from zpm to ipm?

Nope, it's it will require changes in the language itself. And I'm sure there is no reasons for it.

Thanks a lot to all the contributors and to the community that supported with feedback, pull-requests and which adopted broadly the tool! 

Currently there are 250+ packages published on OEX, at least 300+ developers who install packages every month, and the amount of installed packages is above 2,000 every month.

Thank you!

my review on OEX now shows also if the package supports IPM
all 19 reviews have been updated