Olga Zavrazhnova · Nov 15

Third Community Roundtable: Developing with Python

Hi Community, 

Let's meet virtually at our Third Community Roundtable! This will be a 60-min discussion on a given topic: Developing with Python

Register through >> this Global Masters challenge << 

Host: @Guillaume Rongier 
Presenters: @Eduard Lebedyuk , @Guillaume Rongier 

📅 Date: November 23
🕑 Time: 9:00 am ET   |   3:00 pm CEST

Please prepare your questions - and let's discuss! 
Share your questions in the comments to this post, or send them to me in DM.

Hope to see you at the roundtable!

P.S. if you are not a Global Masters member yet - please join the program here using your InterSystems SSO credentials and complete the onboarding "Customize your program" challenge.

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great! Looking forward to hearing peoples' thoughts on this!

Hey Developers! If you are not Global Masters member yet  -- just comment here that you are coming and I will send an invite to you :) 

Update: resources mentioned at the roundtable: 

$zf Example

A simple example with deploying python package

Simplify Python Packages with zpip, an irispython pip wrapper An InterSystems IRIS dialect for SQLAlchemy InterSystems IRIS backend for Django