· Feb 2, 2021

License limit exceeded?


I use terminal + dbeaver,When I open the new terminal again,  will prompt the license information.

Is this database free?




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DBeaver uses JDBC to connect to Cache so each instance of dbeaver you have open and connected to Cache will consume a license. Each terminal connection whether it be Cache Terminal or Putty will also consumer one license per connection. The error condition you see is the Cache License limit has been exceeded. If you have Cache Studio open that will consume a license and so on. 

From the Managment Portal you can view the license information:

Management Portal -> System Administration -> Licensing -> License Key and you will see this in the Community Version of IRIS/IRIS  for Health

Current license key information for this system:

License Capacity  InterSystems IRIS Community license
Customer Name  InterSystems IRIS Community
Order Number  54702
Expiration Date  10/30/2021
Authorization Key 8116600000500000500008000084345EF8F2473A5F13003
License Type=Concurrent User
Platform=IRIS Community
License Units=5
Licensed Cores=8
Authorized Cores=8
Extended Features=3A5F1300
- Interoperability
- BI User
- BI Development
- HealthShare
- Analytics Run
- Analytics Analyzer
- Analytics Architect
- HealthShare Foundation
- Analytics VR Execute
- Analytics VR Format
- Analytics VR Data Define
- InterSystems IRIS
Machine ID

From the Management Portal -> System Operation -> License Usage you can see how many linceses are in use and by which user


System > License Usage


  License Usage  

Last update: 2021-02-03 09:05:30.772


  - Summary  

  - Usage by Process  

  - Usage by User  

  - Distributed License Usage  

Current license activity summary:

 Page size:  Max rows:  Results: 5  Page: |‹‹‹1›››|of 1   
    License Unit Use  Local  Distributed 
  Current License Units Used 1 Not connected to license server
  Maximum License Units Used 2 Not connected to license server
  License Units Authorized 5 Not connected to license server
  Current Connections 1 Not connected to license server
  Maximum Connections 2 Not connected to license server