· Jan 29, 2021

InterSystems Developers in Chinese!

Hey Developers,

You asked for it – we did it! Now it's time for all Chinese speaking users of our community!

Finally, we're pleased to announce the official start of the Chinese InterSystems Developer Community!

And let me introduce you @Claire Zheng and @Vivi Zhu from InterSystems China as managers of the InterSystems Developer Community in Chinese!

Also, a big welcome to the CN Moderators Team: @Qiao Peng, @Michael Lei@Louis Lu@Hao Ma@Nicky Zhu, @Jieliang.Liu, @Li Yan@Zeno Wang.

And here are the main points you need to know:

➡️ You can switch between sites using the language menu in the top right corner:

If you know Chinese, it's great that you can contribute articles, make discussions, ask and answer questions about InterSystems Data Platforms now in Chinese too!


➡️ You can use Language Switcher – the option to switch to the Chinese version of the article.  


➡️ If you published a post in English or any other language, it could be translated by anyone in Chinese and will be helpful for even more people! 

Everyone is able now to add or request a translation to any post on the Developer Community. After selecting any language using the Language Switcher, any user can add a link to the translation of the post or request its translation.

➡️ The same thing works for the Chinese Community site – you can translate the Chinese article into English or any other language. Be sure, you know both languages well!


For those who contribute to the Developer Community best each month, including those who post most articles, and those who achieve the most “vote ups”, the InterSystems China team will give out a custom gift. Don't miss your chance to get it – be active! 😉


Don't hesitate to provide your feedback on how to make the Chinese InterSystems Community better.

And welcome to the Chinese InterSystems Developer Community! 🚀

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