· Mar 5, 2021 3m read
Using ECP across IRIS and Caché

Migration from Caché to IRIS can be quite a challenge if your code is grown over many years
and probably not so clean structured as you may like it. So you face the need to check your
migrated code against some reference data. A few samples might not be a problem,
but some hundred GB of data for testing might be.

A possible step could be to have your fresh code in IRIS but leave your huge datastore on Caché and connect both environments over ECP. I have created a demo project that gives you the opportunity to try this based on 2 Docker images with IRIS and with Caché connected over ECP.

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· Feb 8, 2021 2m read
Websocket Client Embedded Python

This is a demo to make use of a simple WebSocket Client with Embedded Python in IRIS.

How to Test it

  • Run an Iris Session in Docker
  • Select your WebSocket Echo Server
  • Enter the text you want to send or generate it
  • Send it and see the result
$ docker-compose exec iris iris session iris "##class(rccpy.WSockPy).Run()"

*** Welcome to WebSocket Embedded Python Demo ***

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