Robert Cemper · Aug 17, 2017
Repairing your Index

If you have to fill or change your class data other than by standard object filer or SQL filer
you also have to get your indexes in line with your data.
Rebuild Index might be time consuming exercise eventually blocking access at all.

I just detected ##class(%Library.Storage).%ValidateIndices()

Not really new, but in 2015.1.1 ,  2016.2.1 there was not a single character of documentation to it.
Now I see on latest

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When I'm searching across the community I find lots of interesting questions sometimes with
excellent answers and suggestions. Quite often It's more than one solution.
Then I'm mostly missing an indication which solution worked or that nothing worked at all or the case was dropped.

I understand a community as partners working together, sharing experience and knowledge.
Many participants seem to have the same understanding and share their results.

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Robert Cemper · Aug 8, 2017 2m read
Feeling the power of Caché

Some time back I was facing a quite motivating experience.

Business area: Web analysis
Subject: Build a DB on Webpages and link them with their referencing pages + other attributes as ref_count, ...
Condition: uniqueness of the pages (source + ref)
Target: Load + link/index 500 mio page pairs of source:target web links
HW/OS: 64 GB RAM, 16 Processors, a bunch of lousy raid 5 disk, Red Hat

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Robert Cemper · Aug 5, 2017 3m read
Winning in GIS competition

   GIS stands for Geographic Information System.
  and it's not a typical arena for Caché. But it's definitely an environment with high data volume.

You see 3 major areas

- Visual front end:
   A mature area well covered by a bunch of commercial and open source products.
   No need for Caché there.

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