Robert Cemper · Oct 31, 2019

Unknown Licensing Message ?

I find in my message.log  an entry I've never seen before:

10/31/19-16:00:22:562 (9056) 0 InterSystems IRIS license file (iris.key) must be validated with License Server.

What does it try to tell me?
Is there any action expected?

This is a stand-alone server not connected to any other IRIS instance. 

IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2019.1.1 (Build 608U) Thu Aug 29 2019 00:11:30 EDT
License Server Address/Port:

Any enlightenment is welcome.

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After using the correct license file the message was gone.

But I still don't understand the "content" &  context.

Hello Robert,

It looks like this message was informing you that you needed to activate a key, and that once you did so the message disappeared. Did you notice any other licensing related messages? What clarification were you looking for in terms of context/content?

Hi Vic,

I clicked on ACTIVATE, selected the key file but nothing changed.

I got this one by mail this one: 

InterSystems IRIS Server for x86-64 (Microsoft Windows):256
Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sharding, Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP)

Same with  the Demo Key I downloaded worked fine:

LicenseCapacity=InterSystems IRIS 2019.1, Enterprise:64, Concurrent User, Platform Independent

I'm wondering which license server is referred with a stand-alone installation.
I feel lost.

Every instance has at least a default local license server installed:


I'm not certain I understand the full sequence of events here or the the different keys that you attempted to use. If you want to look deeper into this the WRC can help you review the keys and look into that license message (and cconsole.log context I'm sure).

I did a retry on a different instance and couldn't reproduce the message.

I'm sorry.