Robert Cemper · Jun 2, 2020

Help on WebTerminal performance

Running WebTerminal from OpenExchange over HTTPS could be a very secure access method for remote developers.
So I was asked to compare it to other access tools.

One of the tests was display speed.  So from the command prompt, I did a simple ZWRITE ^SYS
I started it in parallel:  WebTerminal, IRISterminal, Putty
- PuTTY completed first, though started last
- IRISterminal took some time longer but ended somewhat later
- WebTerminal first chopped the output but was then incredibly slow. 

So I feel I missed some important settings in installation.
I just couldn't find any related hint in the docs. (BuerSizes, Switches, ...) 
What are your suggestions?


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Hi Robert,

For comparison, the MX-excel-terminal showed ^SYS (106760 lines) in 1 minute 20 seconds.
Is it really slow?

17:45 Intermediate data   each run stand alone
Total lines in MgmtPortal / Explorer = 388947    $ZH shows seconds 

Command:    s h=$zh zw ^SYS s h=$zh-h w !! zw h
Terminal:      h=187.786676
PuTTY:       h=11.962381
WebTerminal:    *** to be supplied once finished ***       
18:10 *** 1st run ended with no result no new sessions, browser restart required. ***

19:59  *** not completed *** ~60% done terminates with "See you!" 

Additional: test for HTTP influence.

A small CSP page (next reply) does it with

even faster than PuTTY  


Class DC.ZWSYS Extends %CSP.Page
{ ClassMethod OnPage() As %Status
{ &html<<body><h2>run ZW ^SYS to Browser</h2><pre>>
     znspace "%SYS" 
     set h=$zhorolog zwrite ^SYS set h=$zhorolog-h write !!,"<b>" zwrite h
     znspace "USER"
   quit $$$OK } }