· Jun 2, 2020

Local editing in WebTeminal ?

In the default IRISterminal or using PuTTY I have a set of "Routine Commands" available 

  • PRINT   – Displays lines of code from the current routine on the current device.
  • ZINSERT – Inserts one or more lines of code into the current routine.
  • ZLOAD   – Loads a routine into the current routine buffer.
  • ZPRINT  – Displays lines of code from the current routine on the current device.
  • ZREMOVE – Deletes a line or a range of lines from the current routine, or unloads the current routine.
  • ZSAVE   – Saves the current routine.
  • ZZPRINT – Displays one or more source code lines from a routine

None of these commands except ZZPRINT show any reaction in WebTerminal

What settings are required to make them work ?
I found neither hint nor doc 

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This is the CLASSIC way of prototyping and fast data /  bug fixing for over 40 years !!
And I know my customers well. It's their style.
Especially if you don't have fast connections to your server.
As Caché / IRIS still don't support SSH and just TELNET
WebTerminal over HTTPS could have been a secure access with similar functionality.

BTW.  did you mean having an IDE and WebTermial  open in parallel ?

@Nikita Savchenko 

Hi Robert! WebTerminal's developer here.

In WebTerminal, there are some core blocker issues we didn't find a way to fix. They are not allowing to support some "traditional" debugging commands and some of those commands you've mentioned. The core problems are described in the issues, take a look. Mainly, it is because WebTerminal is implemented on top of WebSockets and uses "xecute" under the hood. I was asking about re-implementing the WebTerminal's core over telnet to overcome these issues, as then the standard terminal (telnet?) device will be used, eliminating these existing issues. So far, we just need to find an approach to execute arbitrary code in IRIS/Cache using the terminal device, which was not found yet.

InterSystems itself does not have to support access via ssh, it's just a task for OS.

Could you have a look at Theia-IDE? This is a web-based alternative for VSCode, and there you already should be able to install extension VSCode-ObjectScript. This can be installed on the server, and you will have access through the web as you trying to do with WebTerminal. Would it work for you, your customers? It may not work so well as it works in VSCode, but, I think we are going to dive into it. VSCode itself developed by Microsoft, and they already offer it online as well, but on their Azure platform.  

With VSCode right now you can access your servers remotely via the web, where you can use SSL. If your server 2016.2+