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IRS Docker micro Durability

Allow limited durability for demo and development IRIS-Docker-micro-Durability During development of a container based demo I found the need to access a fresh docker
an instance of IRIS image (e.g intersystems/iris-community:2020. over and over.
To bypass loading my code repeatedly I developed this workaround.

It is a reduced variant of Docker - light weight durability

Docker support

The principle of a persitent IRIS database outside the container is unchanged.
But now the whole setup is moved into Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml


Make sure you have git and Docker desktop installed.


Clone/git pull the repo into any local directory

  git clone  

Open the terminal in this directory build and run the container:

  docker-compose up -d   

How to use it

Your container has now an external IRIS.DAT in </installdir>/demo/
It is setup as a working DB for Globals and Routines in namespace USER
REMEMBER: this is just for the content of this namespace


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