YES! you can!

Just extend the method (just some example)

ClassMethod exmple(inout As %StringAs %String SqlName ExampleSqlProc ]
  do prepare^myMumps(inout)

  set return=$$return^myMUMPS()
 ;;; or whatever is required
   return "Echo:"_return 

I'd personally prefer that $LB(var) also follows the elementary rules of COS.
Though I have no hope on any ProdLog on this subject

As you have an installation of Caché you will also have the Documentation with it.

I recommend "Using Caché ObjectScript" to start with ObjectScript.
It is also public accessible

I also recommend having a look at the free online training library.
The link is in the header of this forum:  LEARNING

Browse Catalog and search for O bjectScript Basics

All details on individual commands, functions, system variables are again in your local instance or in the
public reference on

My personal preference is to a have a solution NOW.
And not wait for something that may take too long for me.

just the most simple example to solve your issue with a ClassMethod:

Class nodes.Select
ClassMethod Address1(town As %String = "") As %String
{ set (list,id)=""
    for  set id=$o(^Customer(id)) quit:id=""  
            if ^(id,"Address",1)=town set list=list_$lb(id) }
   return "["_$lts(list)_"]"

Hi Julius,
You got my point!
A Stream is a Stream and a String is a String and
they are different things with different handling. 
The fact that they both (can) contain characters is of no importance. 

Thanks! That solves my questions.
I just see close to me a situation that the upgrade to a higher version ( 16.2 to 18.1)
may trigger quite an effort on updating all developer's Studio. With all that "can never happen" devillaugh

Hi John,

Would this include a certain level of independence between editing and Caché, Ensemble, IRIS version?
Especially a kind of "forward" compatibility as long as you don't go for new features?

I'm glad I could help the community with my answers and
I especially like to express my BIG THANK to my readers voting for me.
This clear and positive feedback is a strong motivation for me for the future years.