· Jun 6, 2020

Fast disable Interoperabiliy ?

When I start a fresh installed IRIS or a Container I always find Interoperabiliy (aka. Ensemble) mapped to namespace USER.

Is there any utility to remove this mapping by a click ?
unmapping it global by global, routine by routine,  Package by Package is just a boring exercise.

To be clear: I look for a utility inside IRIS.

The external utility is obvious: Notepad (or any other text editor) 
- clean iris,cpf,
- restart IRIS
It's fast, it's efficient, but it's really hardcore.

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One of the options - don't use USER namespace.

Why bother to deal with USER at all? Much more productive and cleaner approach - build your namespace and base from scratch.

That's why we create a new IRISAPP namespace and database in every template: e.g. objectscript, rest or ZPM package template. 

With this infrastructure-as-a-code approach, you know for sure what is the namespace, mappings, security, database, users are in the namespace because it is you who creates it.