Robert Cemper · Apr 4, 2020 1m read

WebSocket Echo Server in IRIS

This is a coding example working on Caché 2018.1.3 and IRIS 2020.2 
It will not be kept in sync with new versions 
It is also NOT serviced by InterSystems Support !

In Caché you had an example of a WebSocket Server in namespace SAMPLES
With IRIS the samples are gone and require additional installation effort.

So I refurbished the code with some useful additions:

  • independent of namespace
  • timeout control from client
  • readable communication log

This contains 2 classes rccEchoServer.cls + rcc.WSScsp.cls .
For testing, call from Browser by http://localhost:52773/csp/user/rcc.WSScsp.cls

The server is essential for the 'native' WebSocket Client Demo

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Definitely better than the previous version.
And easy to get.