· Jul 21, 2020 1m read
Snapshot to JSON

This is a sample to use %JSON.Adaptor class available in IRIS to produce a snapshot of your object.

The sample consists of 2 classes that are variations of what was known in Caché/SAMPLES as Sample.Person.
Be aware that the possibilities are limited by %JSON.Adapter and how you make use of it.

Once in place, you create some test data by Populate().
You select an object and take a snapshot.
You apply changes to your object and take another snapshot.
And see the difference.


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· Jul 20, 2020 1m read
Fast JSON formatting (IRIS)

t's also an example for a customized command extension (ZZJSON) in IRIS

IRIS has a nice %JSON.Formatter class.
But for debugging it is not really handy.

ZWRITE js1  
js1="{""Name"":""Cunningham,John C."",""SSN"":""294-11-9150"",""DOB"":""1933-01-08"",""Home"":{""Street"":""4249 Ash Street"",""City"":""Tampa"",""State"":""MD"",""Zip"":""30176""},""FavoriteColors"":\[""White"",""Red"",""Green""]}"   

so you proceed for the most simple case

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· Jul 20, 2020 1m read
IRIS NativeAPI for Node.js compact

An all-in-1 package of the WebSocket MicroService Demo

To simplify the demo of the WebSocket-Micro-Server (WSockClientMicroSV)
the whole package is now bundled into a single Docker Image

How to use it

From the same terminal start the IRIS based client and prepare your orders

  docker-compose exec iris iris session iris %ZSocket

on WebTerminal it is simply

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· Jul 20, 2020 2m read
SPOOL as SQL Table

It is a classic Global Mapping exercise presenting ^SPOOL as Class / Table


Device #2 named SPOOL dates back to the predecessors of Caché and IRIS
It was the first "%Stream" like option to buffer output before printing.
It is also the first and till today the most simple way of output redirection.


This is also an example of a mapped Global.
USE 2 redirects the output into the Global ^SPOOL

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· Jul 19, 2020 1m read
Organize ZLANG

The guide “Extending Languages with %ZLANG Routines”
Tells you all details you need to know to extend your programming language.
EXCEPT: How to do it in a clean way.

This example of a %ZLANGC00.mac may show a possible approach
to get an easy to overview and to manage setup.
With less than 50 lines of code you might not be affected.
But if your Studio shows close to 1000 rows or more you may get in troubles.

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