The cdirectmgr utility will no longer be included with product distributions beginning with the Caché 2016.2 release . This was an older VB application (predating the Caché cube) which allowed users to define server connections for Visual M/Caché Direct applications. As VB 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft, we will no longer ship this component. The same functionality is already available from the cube utility.

It is also posted in Compatibility blog.

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Hello, I'm new to Ensemble, and my first task is to become familiar with the Production and create a basic outline of it for the users to view (which servers, where are the input files, where are the output files, how many records...).  What are the Production tables?  I'd like to start there.



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Steve Pisani · Oct 27, 2016 1m read
Ensemble's Workflow Inbox portal

Hi - If you want to embed Ensemble's Workflow Inbox, (that offers workflow task items to workflow users) inside of your application - you can access the URL directly without necessarily giving users access to the Management Portal - but more importantly, you can strip away the Titlebar, Worklists and Borders that make up the page by default.

You do this by using the same URL parameters you would use, if embedding a regular DeepSee dashboard into your application.

For example, adding &EMBED=1 at the end of the URL as depicted below:

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I am working with this Ensemble Business Operation, which extends the EnsLib.Rest.Operation.

I built the OpenWeatherMap Rest Operation described in the article above.

I would like to access the weather.main, and weather.description. However, these objects are in a JSON Array.

How do you access these three objects in Objectscript.

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Larry Pinsky · Mar 22, 2017
Unable to sFTP to vendor

We have many sFTP business operations that work successfully.  I just modified an existing one to point to a new IP and Port, as well as use new credentials (username and password only).  When I attempt to sFTP a file, I receive the following error.

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I am working on creating a DTL that can replace OBX segment with a string formatted NTE segment .  There is a class ImportFromString but it looks like that is not replacing the target message with the new formatted NTE. I do see  target.setvalueat class but I wanted the transformer to not be scheme base.  

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Tom McDevitt · Jun 14, 2017
Linux Server or Windows Server

We are in the process of using Ensemble for HL7 translations, and wanted to know is it better to use it on Linux Server or Windows Server? We are mostly a Windows shop but just wanted to make sure there is nothing we will be missing out using the Windows application.

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I have a few productions that my developers named "TEST" and would ideally would like them to have more relevant names. Is there a way to rename a production? I tried exporting and deploying the production under a new name and it worked, but my new production is empty. Also I'd like to delete a production that is in a suspended state. When I attempt to delete the suspended production, I get errors that the production isn't stopped, so can't be deleted. I can't start it to clear the suspended status, either. I get the following error:

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Murillo Braga · Aug 31, 2017
Extract piece of string

Hello guys,

I was wondering whether there is another alternative to extracting a certain string out from a bigger one, rather than using the function $piece.

Maybe regular expressions? Another specific function?


Big string:


String I want to extract:


Function I'm already using:

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So we are still fairly new to the ensemble app and getting set up. I have 3 seperate  batch record file services that pull in files and send to 3 seperate processes. there is no real rules other than an when condition=1 use this said DTL and send to operation. all 3 of these routers use different DTL's as they are seperate files but all go to the same operation. for some reason i am seeing the files sit in the Process and say  Delivered. 2 of the three process after up to 10-15 mins of sitting and the third gets an error i am very unfamiliar with, so this post is two-fold. 


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Hi Developer community

Does anyone know where the custom message filters for the message browser live? You can load and save by name and existing filters appear in a list.  I want to export them from an existing production and import then into a new one.

Thanks in advance



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I have a process that I am trying to duplicate from SQL Integration Services (SSIS) into Ensemble so that the rest of my team can help support any issues that may happen.

This particular job creates multiple dictionary files, but for each one of the dictionary files it creates, it also creates a control file that tells the vendor what to process.

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Ali Chaib · Mar 5, 2018
Send txt file thourgh TCP


I'm trying to send a txt file over TCP.

The txt file contains lines, every line has a fixed length : 179 characters , however it seems that this length vary while sending it!

So, I need to send the content of the txt file as it is without adding anything.

I'm using as operation EnsLib.TCP.PassthroughOperation.

 I need your help please.

Thanks !

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