· Sep 20, 2016

Best Practices for Custom Business Components?

Hi all,

We're in the process of creating several courses for creating custom business components for productions. This includes custom business operations, BPL processes, and custom business services. Custom Business Operations and Custom Business Services are both aimed at software developers while BPL processes can be also be created by business analysts. What are some gotchas or best practices you've learned that you wish you knew when first building these components?

We'd love to include what you've learned into these courses so others can learn from them as well!


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Here's one: One best practice we often recommend is to build backwards.. Build business operations first, then business processes, then business services. That way you can test your business operation using the test utility and then when you go to test your business process, you know any new issues must be in the business process. And finally when you create your business service, you can pass a message in like normal and know that the interface works as a whole.