Scott Roth · Oct 6, 2016

SOAP Client Web Service Exception Handling

maybe I am not looking in the correct spots, but how should one handle an Exception from a SOAP web service within the Business  Process Language? For example I am sending a request to a Web Service to try to get information, but the response I am getting is an Exception like "Patient Not Found".


Is there a function I can call to check the response similar to what I do to check a SQL Snapshot to see if it is valued?



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Do not confuse your self. Response is the data being expected as a result of a call. Exception is never expected. An exception is like an asynchronous event trapped by a dedicated error handler.  The trap prepares (or not) to do something to compensate the impact of an error.

Therefor like in COS or Java  you need to define a compensation scope (try block) and compensation handlers (catch block). BPL provides components to do it.


Is there a way to check the response before doing something to it? So if I get a "Patient Not Found" response, I can then bypass a DTL I have setup for the response?