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I'm finding that Atelier often maxes out CPU and become unresponsive whilst performing the background "Updating server container" operation.

In the end, I have to kill of the eclipse process in task manager.

Is this a known issue?

Win 10 x64
Version: Photon Release (4.8.0)
Build id: 20180619-1200

Atelier 1.3.139


Thanks for the tip Marvin, however, I ran into problems in the Auth Server with:

ERROR #8909: No remote public JWKS specified for alg: HS256.

I'm using client_secret_jwt and have shared the generated client secret manually, but the auth server seems to want to use JWK sets ...  What am I missing?


Yep.  You can't mix the symbolic names with the numeric identifiers, so in your case, as you don't have a name for the subfield, you use all numbers.

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