Hi Guys,

From where can I set a user/pass for an application pls?

I've the below application as an API to be used by a client to send requests and would like to set a user/pass for it, I can see the Password tickbox but where can I type in the required password, and can I set a use as well?


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Hi all,

We're in the process of creating several courses for creating custom business components for productions. This includes custom business operations, BPL processes, and custom business services. Custom Business Operations and Custom Business Services are both aimed at software developers while BPL processes can be also be created by business analysts. What are some gotchas or best practices you've learned that you wish you knew when first building these components?

We'd love to include what you've learned into these courses so others can learn from them as well!

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I have implemented a csv record mapper to read files into the production in ensemble but it errors every time I read a file with headers on the columns as these are not recognised as the specified data types .Is there a way to ignore the headers when reading in values from a file with headers. Please note this have been built using the pre built components.

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I am working through trying to use ZAUTHENTICATE.mac and LDAP.mac to do Delegated sign on into Ensemble. In reading over the samples and the documentation, I am not clearly finding on how to set the Appropriate Role from the LDAP group I return. Can someone help explain this part to me? If I have a user sign on, and I return a "Group" from the Authentication, how do I get that to transform into the Role I need for Ensemble.


Scott Roth

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Ewan Whyte · Jun 29, 2018
DICOM Operation

I'm trying to add an Operation to store DICOM files but each time I add a Operation using the class EnsLib.DICOM.Operation.TCP it reverts into Services and I cannot work out why this is happening. I've tried following the guide online (link at the bottom) but the Operation still reverts to a Service.

Any pointers would be appreciated,

Thank you.


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Mauri Kaatrasalo · Oct 10, 2018
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We would like to retry message so that it's restored to end of operation's queue. This is in situation where order of messages is not needed to be handled by Ensemble, there is version number in message data and receiving application can ignore incoming message if necessary.

We would try to send message until it's accepted (or manually suspended), but this should not block operation's queue.

We have already this in actions:

D - Disable the Operation, log an error and restore the message to the front of the Operation's queue.

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We have built one interface but while sending messages it processed at first but then when we tried to send another file the router just stopped processing the message.

Checked the rule log and it should be processed as it does not falls under non processing condition
The router log has no error .The message just sits there.

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Hello everyone, I'm new to COS development. I'm trying to generate a simple XML file based on a query and save into my server. I'm looking for stuff to get it done, if anyone has a tutorial or a step-by-step post on how to do it. My difficulty is just in generating the XML file.

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We would need to iterate all over the OBXs list and get their OBX3 CE1 to determine if it is the lab result we need to send to the output system.

We wonder how could we achieve this in a foreach component inside a Bussiness Process.

We think we would need to use a foreach because of it is needed to generate a message, for each one of the OBX which have the OBX3 CE1 that the output systems uses for the lab results.

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While I am not new to HL7, I am very new to Ensemble.

We have a request to change the order in which the Addenda segments are sent to the client. Right now, the global setting of the Lab system is to send the newest addenda at the top of the report, then the next oldest, and so on until we get to the final report:

OBX|1|||*****Addendum 3****
OBX|2|||text 3
OBX|3|||*****Addendum 2****
OBX|4|||text 2
OBX|5|||*****Addendum 1****
OBX|6|||text 1
OBX|8|||final text

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Scott Roth · Jan 14, 2021
SQL Inbound Adapter settings

In the Inbound SQL Adapter settings, is it possible to specify more than 1 field as the Key Field Name?

Because of the way the Query is being index in Ensemble by the Key Field Name, sometimes transactions get missed and I would like to see if we can add an additional key to the mix to ensure all the transactions are picked up. In this case the InterfaceTrigger is an ID that is auto generated by the table, and I would like to use that as well to ensure we don't miss transactions, and it does not throw any warning messages when it executes the Delete Query.

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Eduardo Nacimento · Mar 25, 2021
CLOB fields brock


I need help...rsrs

I have a query that return only one CLOB field and only one line, of oracle and in field have a xml.

if use pResultSet.Get the string truncate the xml.

I want display the xml as a service, because have many lines... i don't need iterate in xml, only get to oracle and display as xml soap.

any tip help.


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You might of seen or might of not seen my earlier post about Exporting a Production from 2018.1 to import it into 2021.1. I was able to get the export working, however I noticed in reviewing the data within the export, our previous Workday XML Schemas that we imported via XSD files were not in the export. When walking through the export process under Message Schema or vDoc Schema I could not find the missing XML Schema structures. Why aren't XML's part of the export process if they are used within the Production?

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