· May 21, 2020

PDF to Dicom

I have an upcoming project where we are being asked to take a PDF result and send it to a PACS system as a DICOM encapsulated PDF.  I am wondering if anyone has done this and if so can you share your experience?


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Hi Tom,
You can have a look at this documentation : to help you to create a dicom production to send document to pacs.

If you are not on Ensemble, you have in the community installer for ENSDEMO production :

But in short, you have to create an EnsLib.DICOM.Document
Fill it with information about the patient, ect.

  Set pDocOut = ##class(EnsLib.DICOM.Document).%New()
  // Set patient data
  $$$THROWONERROR(tSC, pDocOut.SetValueAt("Toto^Toto", "DataSet.PatientName"))
  $$$THROWONERROR(tSC, pDocOut.SetValueAt(1, "DataSet.PatientID"))

  //Set pdf in EncapsulatedDocument
  $$$THROWONERROR(tSC, pDocOut.SetValueAt("application/pdf","DataSet.MIMETypeOfEncapsulatedDocument"))
  /// File is you binary pdf document
  IF '$IsObject(file) $$$THROWONERROR(tSC, $$$ERROR($$$FailedToNewClass, "%Stream.TmpBinary"))

  // DICOM Standard PS3.5: The Value Field containing Pixel Data, like all other Value Fields in DICOM, shall be an even number of bytes in length
  // Thanks Michel Liberado for this hack
  IF (($L(binary) # 2) '= 0) {
          // Any char would be fine but I want to have the End Of Transmission ASCII character
          $$$THROWONERROR(tSC, file.Write($CHAR(4)))

  $$$THROWONERROR(tSC, pDocOut.SetValueAt(file,"DataSet.EncapsulatedDocument"))

Once you have your pDocOut you can send it to business process Demo.DICOM.Process.Storage