Alex Cashell · Apr 22, 2022

Linked Stored Procedure returning empty status and result Ensemble 2012.2.5

I have a linked procedure class and SQL gateway setup and I can't seem to get any response, status or error from using the stored procedure, I think it must be something big I'm missing to not even get a status.

Can someone see what my problem is please, any help would be very much appreciated.

Class generated by linked procedure wizard:

Include %occInclude /// 
Class dbo.MrnLookup [ Not ProcedureBlock ]
{ ClassMethod MrnLookup(pp01 As %String(MAXLEN=8), ByRef mrn As %String(MAXLEN=20)) As %Integer [ ProcedureBlock = 1, ReturnResultsets, SqlName = MrnLookup, SqlProc ]
    if '$isobject($g(%sqlcontext)) s %sqlcontext=##class(%Library.ProcedureContext).%New() s RETURNVALUE=$g(RETURNVALUE)
 s pp01=$g(pp01)
 s mrn=$g(mrn)
 s hdbc=$$GetConnection^%apiGTW("MRNLookup")
 i hdbc="" s %msg=$$$ERROR($$$GTWCConnectionError) s %msg=$$GetErrorText^%apiOBJ(%msg) g setError
 s QHandle=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,5,hdbc)
 i QHandle="" s %msg=$$$ERROR($$$GTWCAllocationError) s %msg=$$GetErrorText^%apiOBJ(%msg) g setError
 s err=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,$s(%SQLGateway("-uv"):37,1:3),QHandle,"{?=call dbo.""MrnLookup;1""(?,?)}")
 i err g getError
 s err=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,62,QHandle,1,4,1,4,10,0,10)
 s err=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,62,QHandle,2,1,1,12,8,0,8)
 s err=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,9,QHandle,$lb(pp01),2)
 i err g getError
 s err=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,62,QHandle,3,2,1,12,20,0,20)
 s err=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,9,QHandle,$lb(mrn),3)
 i err g getError
 s err=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,4,QHandle)
 i err g getError
 s %ROWCOUNT=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,31,QHandle)
    set tConnection = ##class(%Library.SQLGatewayConnection).%New() set tConnection.DLLHandle = %SQLGateway, tConnection.ConnectionHandle = hdbc
    set rrs = ##class(%SQL.Gateway.ODBCResultSet).%New(tConnection,QHandle)
    while $Isobject(rrs) {
        if rrs.%GetMetadata().columnCount do %sqlcontext.AddResultSet(##class(%ResultSet.Static).%New(rrs))
        set rrs = tConnection.getNextResultSet(QHandle)
 s RETURNVALUE=$li($zf(-5,%SQLGateway,22,QHandle,1))
 s mrn=$li($zf(-5,%SQLGateway,22,QHandle,3))
setError ;
 If ($g(%sqlcontext)'=$$$NULLOREF) {
 Set %sqlcontext.%SQLCODE = $g(err)
 Set %sqlcontext.%Message = $g(%msg)
 Set %sqlcontext.%ROWCOUNT = $g(%ROWCOUNT)
  s err=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,16,QHandle)
getError ;
 s %msg=$li($zf(-5,%SQLGateway,12,hdbc,QHandle)) g setError
} }

My output from the terminal:

set sc = ##class(dbo.MrnLookup)."MrnLookup"("2000614",.output)
zw output

zw sc
Product version: Ensemble 2012.1
$ZV: 2012.2.5.962.1
0 129
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Solved it, using wireshark we can see MSSQL is responding that it can't find the stored procedure, the solution is to remove the ";1" from the stored procedure name and it works perfectly.