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Thanks Eduard,

Your help is much appreciated.

The code generated by the wizard for this parameter is below:

 err=99 lerr=$zf(-5,%SQLGateway,55,QHandleerr=$li(lerr)
 err=99 err=$$setStream^%apiGTW(QHandle,RawData,0,1)

I then mapped  the following:


To in my revised code.  I am not sure what the -2 or the "$s(%SQLGateway("-uv")&&$zbitget($zversion(0),1):-8,1:1)" means

Set sc=gc.BindParameter(hstmt,2,1,1,12,0,0,-2)

I then noticed that this generated the following error:

(HY104) NativeError: [0] Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid precision value

I therefore revised it to the following as I am not sure what you need to pass for these parameters for a varchar(max) datatype:

Set sc=gc.BindParameter(hstmt,2,1,1,12,10,10,-2)

I then tried this code:

set sc = gc.PutData(hstmt, "TEXT")

However this resulted in the following error:

(HY010) NativeError: [0] Message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error

I then tried this code:

set sc = gc.SetParameter(hstmt,$LB("TEXT"),2)

This worked and the value TEXT was stored in the database.

However when I pass another line of text as below the value in the database gets overwritten instead of appended to:

set sc = gc.SetParameter(hstmt,$LB("HELLO"),2)

Do you know why this could be?  Is it to do with how I have used BindParameter and that I am using SetParameter instead of PutData?

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