After the March 15th DC update I posted one Question (as opposed to Article). I've been used to getting notified by email no more than an hour after someone responds to a post of mine. In the case of my question, I think I only got that email when someone posted a Comment on the question. When I went to read that comment I saw that there were several Answers that had been posted many hours earlier.

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As well as participating in DC I continue to monitor the Google Group at!forum/intersystems-public-cache

Since yesterday the Google Group has started receiving postings from a user called intersystems.dc. These postings look like they're trying to replicate DC postings, though images don't appear. Nor are there any links leading across to DC, which is where the follow-up comments and answers are likely to appear.

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I have posted my first question in "Cache" forum this morning and since then, I started receiving emails whenever a new topic is posted. I don't want to receive such emails and looked for a way to tweak for "email preferences". However, I couldn't find any such option. Can someone please tell me how I can stop emails for all the posts?




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Typically the thumbsup/thumbsdown icons are grayed out until you vote for one.  Then it is either red or green depending on which you selected.  I like this behavior.  However, on my own posts, the ones I cannot vote for, the indicators are both colored.  Since the visual queue has already been established that this indicates a selected vote, I think this should be changed.  Perhaps, since we cannot vote on our own posts, completely hide them.

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Hi, Community!

We are fixing groups, tags and message types for the several last year's postings.

So that's why you are getting "strange" notifications now with no any new comment.

As a result, you'll get better tagging and for the DC articles and questions.

Anyway, you can turn off the "OnUpdate" notifications as it is described here.



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I know this has been suggested before but I wanted to bring it up again.

It would be very nice if we could "accept" an answer to our questions which would result in the question showing "answered" in the index and possibly move the "accepted answer" to the top of the answer chain.

see: Stack Overflow or any other QA site

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Jon Jensen · Nov 1, 2016
How do I decline an answer?

I posted a question and someone replied with a comment.  
This comment  was marked as an answer, but the comment does not actually answer the question. 

How do I tell the system that the comment is not actually an answer and should not be marked as answered?  

Can the original post author decline an answer?  What is the  answer is incorrect?

Can the community vote on the best answer (like on other popular discussion boards)?  

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Today DC supports the notifications for the posts' updates. It means if someone changes the post text, title, group or tag you can be notified about that.

But this notifications just inform that there were updates, but do not show what exactly was changed in the post.

So through this, you can get the notifications for the posts from previous years without any reason what's happened.

I would suggest to turn off this types of notifications until we'll implement the details in notifications, what exactly was changed in the post and why did you get it. 

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John Murray · Jan 5, 2017
Ghost digest emails?

I just received three subscription digest emails that seem to have come from the past. For example, one included this fragment:

But when I follow the link from the email the article date is much older:

Did the DC software have a glitch?

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There is no obvious way to provide feedback to the development community. In order to find the topic to find open discussions, I had to search for "feedback".


There should be links in standard places; without doing research these place probably include: menu, front page, footer.

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Jon Jensen · Oct 19, 2016
topic vs tag?

When I create a post, it requires I select  Related Topics.  

On the right side there is browse by tag.  

Are Topics  = Tags?

If so can the DC admin please be consistent with the naming convention? Pick one and correct all the instances



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