George James · Oct 20, 2016
RSS Feed problems


Thank you for your help yesterday at the Belfry.

When I try to subscribe to the RSS feeds using some news readers they do not accept them.

The W3C validator makes a lot of suggestions about what might be wrong, but my guess is that the feed title is blank.  Could this be fixed please?

W3C feed validator results for a group:


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Scott Beeson · Nov 18, 2016
This text editor... I swear...

I had typed up a large reply and then learned something new so I intended to hit CTRL+A to select everything and delete it.  Can't do that.  Apparently CTRL+A, like backspace, causes the input field to lose focus.


I HATE this editor.

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How do we get posts featured/sticky/always on the top of the homepage?

We need the ability to have a couple posts always on the homepage.  Most sites have some sort of Featured/Announcement/Sticky function for important information to be seen by all.

Why can't we have that on this site?



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Jon Jensen · Nov 7, 2016
Recently Read is incorrect

I clicked on my name to view my profile.  It shows a list of recently read posts.  This list is incorrect.   It seems to be listing all the posts on the homepage as post I have read.  I have not read the majority of these posts. 

Perhaps the recently read logic is broken?  I assume recently read would require me to actually view the posting to consider it read?

Can you correct (or remove) this information in the profiles




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Jon Jensen · Oct 19, 2016 1m read
Bad format/layout to be fixed

PLease see attached image.  

The layout of the "last comment/answer" on the list of topics has a line break in it creating bad layout. 

Please fix.  This fix will tighten up the  list of topics displayed


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John Murray · Oct 26, 2016 1m read
Faulty heading on Member page [Fixed]

I used the Members option from the Community button to look up Evgeny's profile. Above the tabs ("View", "Mentions", "Posts (53)" etc) his name was displayed (correct).

Then I clicked on the "Posts (53)" tab. It showed his posts, but displayed my name above the tabs.


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I create the NewBie posts.

And as directed I use the Beginner tags.

However, a lot of people are using the Beginner tags for other posts.

Is there a way for separating the NewBie posts from the other Beginners?

Failing that, can I in someway make the Newbie Index more visible?

I am doing a lot of work on the NewBie Index to make it more useful.

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Please update the Global Summit group description.

InterSystems Global Summit 2016 is an unparalleled opportunity to meet with your peers and with InterSystems’ executives and experts, discussing the technologies, strategies, and methodologies that lead to success.This group is intened to discuss news and to ask questions about Global Summit  2016 conferences, unconferences, sessions etc.Register now! 


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Mack Altman III · Oct 11, 2016
Modify search summary view

Would it be possible to include more lines, and maybe even replace line breaks with a space, to allow you to view the posts that are made more efficiently?

For example, I clicked on Caché and noticed that almost everyone began with "Hi", which ended up not really allowing you to review any of the posts before diving deeper.

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Mack Altman III · Oct 11, 2016
Modify search feature

I am unsure why but the search feature does not allow you to begin your search with a period, please have this modified.

For example, I was not able to search for ".obj".

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I think DC would be a great area to get feedback from current or future users of our technology about what new features they would like to see in our products and let them vote the different proposals. Open discussions/suggestions with no commitment on IS side to be done but sure there would be lot of good ideas to consider by our product managers and development.

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Every time I try to post a link I forget to change the dropdown and get the error "Path not found".  Honestly I'm not even sure when an "internal path" would ever be used.  Can we please remove that option or default it to URL instead?

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I was editing a comment and I hit backspace a few times until there was no text left.  Subsequent backspaces will actually be interpreted by the browser as a back command. 

Further investigation revealed that hitting backspace on the WYSIWYG editor when there is no contend does remove focus from the element.

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