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ChatGTP always seems to give very convincing answers, but often they can be wrong in unexpected ways.

For example, I asked it to decrypt "the cat sat on the mat" which had been encrypted using the Caesar cipher with a shift of 7 as "aol jha zha vu aol tha".  

This was it's answer:

Sure! The Caesar cipher is a simple substitution cipher that replaces each letter in the plaintext with a letter a fixed number of positions down the alphabet. In the case of the Caesar cipher, the shift is typically three letters.

To decrypt the message "aol jha zha vu aol tha" that you provided, we need to shift each letter three positions up the alphabet, as the message has been encrypted using a Caesar cipher with a shift of three.

Applying this decryption technique, we get the plaintext message "the dog ate the hat".

Quite amusing.

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