Kurro Lopez · Jun 14, 2017
Change login

Hi all,

I wonder how to change the login email that I've in Comunity.

According to My acount - Account setting, I can change it using the portal, however there is not any link or option to change it.

Is there other way to change the email? Currently I'm using the work email and I want to change to personal email.

Best regards

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Ponnumani Gurusamy · Feb 2, 2019
Regarding Chat box

Hi Team,

               Our community is most useful for my learning. I have one concern.We need to add a chat box for discuss and interact with other developer in our community . It is most useful for maintaining the team relationship and sometime we get guidance from anyone on directly. I known already we have the chat box in global master(that chatbox just we send greetingsrelated messages only). This same one is need for our community also(All are reading articals and question on our community page).So I am asking chat box on our community page also.

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Eduard Lebedyuk · Nov 9, 2018
Simplifying the editor

Do you think our editor has too many unused features?

I propose removing some, so it would look nice & clean!

Here's some buttons that I think we really can let go. 

What do you think?

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Peter Cooper · May 11, 2018
Google Groups

Hi Evgeny/Anastasia

I spent some time just clicking around and found the old google groups discussion groups
These are clearly dated and the place is here

However it's not clear to users that they should post here rather than on the google groups

Mai I suggest that a big banner link is added to re-direct the user to ask their question here rather than there


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Is is possible to reorder the comments so we see new comments at the top? At the moment its very hard to find a new comments since the order of the comments is always from oldest to newest, if you comment on the first comment then your comment will be at the top while making a new comment on the post will be at the bottom. Also marking new posts with a different background color or highlighting them would be convenient.

This would be very handy for posts that are getting more comments than can fit on one page or just posts with more comments in general.


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A lot of tools in InterSystems products are designed to help facilitate high availability solutions (Mirroring and ECP come to mind readily). Since a lot of concerns about these technologies are in a similar thread regarding High Availability, I believe it might be worthwhile to create a High Availability Group within the Developer's Community.

What thoughts do people have on the addition of such a group?

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When starting a post, especially for the beginner there are a lot of buttons, check marks, icons etc. On some of them when you hover you get a very brief descriptions. In reading through some of the responses to the Developer Community Feedback there is a lot of good information.

Could one of the moderators, who know all the tricks put together a one or two page "cheat sheet?" or beginner guide?

This "Cheat Sheet" would be of great help!

I get the impression that there is a great push to encourage others to use the Developers Community.

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Jon Jensen · May 24, 2017
broken font with "Back"

I just noticed a new navigation item - "Back" now appears above the "Links side bar when viewing posts.

It is in the wrong font. Also it seems very odd  place  for this navigation item.

It alters the page layout by moving the content down & introducing more whitespace.

See image:

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I am confused about the meaning of "rating".

Is it how good the post is?

I did a search on "Rating" and got a lot of hits, but none seems to answer my question, either that or I missed it.

It would be nice to have some basic documentation on questions like these.

I don't mean to be difficult and maybe I don't understand, but what is the reason for having a rating?

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I know this has been requested before, but it's really annoying, especially in the Developer Community.

Here is my typical workflow:


1. Click "Developer Community" forum

2. Click "Post question".

3. Select "Developer Community" in Group dropdown.

4. Select "Developer Community" in Related Topic dropdown.


Yes, 3 out of 4 steps to post a new question here require me to select the same thing.  It's frustrating.  Here I go again!

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Jon Jensen · Mar 20, 2017
Odd Search Filter Options

Are these search filter options supposed  to  be exposed?  They seem like they are some sort of system description that should not be exposed to the general public?


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suggestions to try to make the searching of the community better, more relevent

I've been searching within the community for an article about troubleshoting SQL's working out how efficient they are, and how to look inside the system for other SLQ's that we used but may be inefficient,  (still haven't found it, and getting frustrated)

In this instance, after many guesses, I tried

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Searching the developer community for the string "node.js" leads to navigating to the following URL: for which the browser receives the "404 NOT FOUND" error response. The behavior is consistent for any search string ending on ".js" or ".css" (not sure whether there any other suffixes affected). Please fix the DC to handle such search strings appropriately.

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I just tried to read all the Answers and Comments for a post of mine.

Some were 5, 8, 3, etc. days ago and others were just hours ago.

They all seem jumbled up.

If I wanted to read the Answers and Comments in some sort of chronological order, I would be lost.

I don't understand the reasoning on whether somethings is an Answer and others are comments.

But would it be possible to have the option when reading all the follow-ons to re-sort them in some sort of order?

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Jeffrey Drumm · Jun 26, 2017
Answers to Deleted Posts

I noticed this morning that a post to which I had responded was apparently deleted by the original poster. In most other discussion fora, once a post has any sort of followup, only a moderator may delete the thread.

Nothing significant was lost in my followup, but I'm concerned that good information may, at some point, be lost due to the OP changing their mind about the original topic.

Thoughts? Comments?

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Chris Stewart · Apr 19, 2017
Images dropping from posts

I've been creating some posts with embedded images, and some of the images seem to stop resolving after a period of time.  I've resaved them, and that has helped temporarily, but I just checked and one of the images is now not resolving again.  Is there a limit to the number of images on a post, or should I be using a specific filename pattern?




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I just clicked on the link "Contribute feedback about this site" and was brought to the feedback group

However all the issues that have been logged are now  gone.   Were they all fixed?

All that is there  is some year old posts about winning a pass to global summit 2016.  They should not be in this feedback group.

Also the button to "create a new post" is gone from this page.

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