Hi, Community!

It's just a short announcement that we introduced a new tag Release which covers all the InterSystems Products releases, any releases of 3rd party systems and DC releases as well - literally any announcements of software releases on DC.

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Hi, Community!

In 2017 we had 734 different contributors to Developer Community who posted articles and announcements, questions and answers.

This post is a compilation of Top Authors, Top Experts and Top Opinion Makers of InterSystems Developer Community in 2017.

It is a good guide "Who to Follow" in 2018.

And I'm glad to present these people!

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Evgeny Shvarov · Jun 30, 2016
June 30th DC release

Hi, Community!

I'm pleased to announce the new Developer Community release today. Meet the changes!

New voting system

Now you can vote for the post or comment with like or dislike buttons to change the post/comment rating.

Previous ratings converted to the new rating with the following rule:

4,5 stars = +1

1,2,3 stars=0.

Improved email notifications

You should receive HTML notifications now on new posts and comments on DC.

Please share your feedback with the recent release.

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With this release we've done a few things with subscriptions

1. Exposed personalization settings so you can control how and when you receive the email subscription notifications. See the image below

2. The ability to selectively subscribe to email notification for content by Tag. At the top of the "Browse by Tag" page there is a new link to Subscribe with Email.

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